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Cornell Beats Temple, Solves Math Problems

Posted on: March 19, 2010 3:31 pm
Edited on: March 19, 2010 3:44 pm


Fully utilizing the principles set forth by Heisenberg and Planck, the Cornell Big Red somehow today put together a easy-looking win against Fran Dunphy's Temple Owls (78-65) to become the first Ivy League win since a 1998 Princeton victory. And the truth is that Temple never really seemed to even stand a chance, with Cornell's lead at a whopping nineteen at one point in the second half. The Big Red then stuck around for a little while after the final buzzer to help Temple with some chemistry homework. 

I think we can safely say no one really expected this today. Some of the take-aways from the game include:

-This Cornell team is so generically white that I kept wondering which one of them was going to turn into Teen Wolf. Remember every basketball team in any movie in the 1980's? Cornell looks just like every one of those teams. They're all very regular-looking, there aren't a lot of tattoos or headbands. My guess is that the "bad boy" on this team is the guy who leaves two buttons at the top of shirt open.

-The student becomes the master. Cornell Coach Steve Donahue was an apprentice for Dunphy for ten years at Penn. Looks like he may have been taking some notes. Donahue came into the dojo today like the final reel of a Bruce Lee movie, ready to take out his former mentor at all costs. And once again I eat crow -- delicious, delicious crow -- for stating yesterday that there's no way this was happening today. I guess I, like many of you, underestimated this team. Still, it blows my mind to think that there's a possibility of a Wofford/Cornell matchup in the second round. I'm sure the Cornell players, however, can tell you those odds and probability if you hand them pencil and paper.

-If you didn't watch this game, believe it or not Temple actually played very well. This Cornell team just beat them fair and square. If Wisconsin drops to the Wofford Terriers, get ready for a super-stylized, over-produced television piece about the two teams before the game on Sunday. And then get ready to watch the most unlikely NCAA game you'll ever see. 

For today, the Big Red basks in the glory of a first round win, even if their celebration will be cut short by a 4:00 Latin study group. Congrats, Cornell. You earned it.
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Posted on: March 19, 2010 8:27 pm

Cornell Beats Temple, Solves Math Problems

No one really expected this? Not so. Anyone who followed Cornell's season knew who should have been the #5 seed and who the #12. They're gonna beat Wisconsin, too, and go to the 16.

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