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Five Takeaways From Georgia Tech's Victory

Posted on: March 19, 2010 10:00 pm

On a Friday full of games so bad that the One Blogging Moment Compound seriously considered turning them off to watch the premiere of "Justified" on DVR (you have to admit that Timothy Olyphant is an actor with a stellar voice), Georgia Tech's 64-59 victory over Oklahoma State at least contained some excitement.  The Rambling Wreck took a tie game at the end, made some key late free throws and moved on to the next round.  Five Takeaways from the game:

1.  Hitting Free Throws Can Win You Games

Georgia Tech was fouled early and often by Oklahoma State and seemed to spend the vast majority of the time on the free throw line.  In fact, the officials at the game seemed to be paid by the foul, as they robbed the game of any flow in the second half, by blowing their whistle at every nudge, slap or fart from either team.  But games like that happen in the NCAA Tournament and Georgia Tech responded, making 24 of 25 free throws during the game, including six key makes down the stretch.  When the referees kill a game (which happens all to much in college basketball), all you can do is make the resulting shots.  Tech's 96 percent shooting as opposed to Oklahoma State's 69 percent was the difference in the game.

2.  Derrick Favors is Good, But Needs Work

I spend most of my time covering John Wall and being able to see his greatness in person.  Most believe that along with Wall, Favors is the most talented Freshman in college basketball.  In fact, Favors was ranked over Wall by a number of recruiting services and was picked by many outlets as Preseason Player of the Year,  Against the Cowboys, he had 14 points and 9 rebounds and at times looked dominating.  But too often he stands around and lets less physically imposing players (like Oklahoma State's Matt Pilgrim) have their way inside and control the block.  He is very good and can get better...but he is no John Wall.

3.  Have an Opinion Spanarkle!

I like CBS announcer Jim Spanarkle.  He seems like a pleasant guy, has decent insight and when he calls a game, it allows me to scream out "SPANARKLE!" at opportune times.  But he needs to grow a pair when it comes to announcing during games.  On more than one occasion he would be asked about a key play and what he thought and he responded with "I dont know."  Look Jim, I dont know either...thats why they pay you. Tell me something, even if its wrong.  If what CBS wanted from their announcers were no opinions and blank personalities, they would hire the "Today" show staff.  You are better Jim.

4.  Paul Hewitt Gets Some Breathing Room

Paul Hewitt can't coach.  Actually I should say that the prevailing opinion of most in college basketball is that Paul Hewitt can't coach.  Even though he has been to the Championship game and finds his way to the Tournament most years, Hewitt gets no respect.  He recruits so well that people expect more than they get, and there are many who believe that he could be on the hot seat very soon.  If that is true, the win by Hewitt today helps silence some critics.  A big win over a major school in the NCAA Tournament.  Hewitt can probably take a safe, deep breath.

5.  Oklahoma State Ends With a Whimper

James Anderson is fun to watch, Matt Pilgrim has improved through the year and Travis Ford still seems to know what he is doing.  But yet again, Oklahoma State was in a winnable game at the end and played foolish in the final moments.  The offensive plan in the final four minutes seemed to be to give James Anderson the ball and let him force bad shots against a defense awaiting his every move.  This is a team that can beat anyone (see the Kansas win), but too often they disappoint at the end.  And they can't even blame Sean Sutton anymore for raiding the medicine cabinet and keeping the team from recovering from their injuries. 
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Posted on: March 20, 2010 11:53 am

Five Takeaways From Georgia Tech's Victory

If you "like" Jim Spanarkel enough to then criticize him at least have the sense (at the bare minimum try to act like a journalist and not just a blogger) to spell his name correctly.  Besides being an announcer he also scored over 2,000 points, had 400 assists, and better than 250 steals while playing in the ACC with shorter seasons and without a three-point line.  Pretty accomplished fellow on and off the court.  Thanks in advance, Mr. Gones.

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 11:43 am

Five Takeaways From Georgia Tech's Victory

I hear Matt Pilgrim is a "beast". Just sayin...

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 3:59 am

Five Takeaways From Georgia Tech's Victory

I enjoyed the announcer's comment on a Pilgrim dunk in the 1st half: "That was a MAN'S DUNK!" 

As opposed to...

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