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Australians Follow Ogre King to Victory

Posted on: March 20, 2010 3:43 pm
Edited on: March 20, 2010 4:51 pm


You have to love Omar Samhan. The belles of the Providence ball Saint Mary's were led by the giant center to a 75-68 victory over Villanova today with 32 points after Samhan stated Wednesday to press that "God is a Gael."

Maybe there's something to that. After all, Saint Mary's offed Richmond Thursday in Providence's first round play in a move no one really expected, prompting even Samhan's mother to reportedly text him that he and his teammates ruined her bracket. He asked her if she was coming to Providence's second round and she told him she was buying a ticket directly to Houston for the Gael's third-round matchup instead.

How can you not be a fan a team that not only lives and dies by a beast like Samhan but also boasts five Australians? Not one random Australian. Not a couple. Five Australians. You couldn't find five Australians in a Barcelona youth hostel. Their locker room must look like a FOX sitcom. 

That makes, if you're counting, a team that features three Aussies starting, a center who's also the high point man and a sharpshooter from Arizona in cool-headed Mickey McConnell, who backed up Samhan with a clutch 15 points today. And from a big-picture standpoint, Saint Mary's is quickly becoming not only one of the most likeable and plucky cinderellas in the Tourney thus far but a valid threat as well. These kids are fun to watch.

Other points from Providence's second-round opener:

-If we're being honest, Villanova was on the clock anyway. The Wildcats just squeaked past Robert Morris, and prior to that had lost five of their last seven games. They were clearly coasting on fumes. But you can't take anything away from the Gaels today, who capitalized on that to lead them almost the entire way, despite a late second half surge that threatened to kill Saint Mary's buzz. Call it a perfect storm situation for Saint Mary's to progress yet another round. 

-You can follow Samhan on Twitter here and read his blog here. His blog includes video entries from as late as last night, talking with his teammates about today's game. And he tweets up until, apparently, less than an hour before game time ("40 Minutes from the Sweet Sixteen!"). He also offers philisophical insights like "life is so PRICELESS" and "ICE BATH sooooo cold!!!!" He only has 108 followers. He deserves more.

-Matthew Dellavedova looks like the tallest seven year-old I've ever seen. The baby-faced Australian freshman doesn't look nearly old enough to be playing basketball for a university except for the fact that he's thirteen and a half feet tall. In Australia they call a kid like that a "great winky bonzer." (Or probably something ridiculously equivalent. Australians talk funny, that's what I'm saying.) 

-The Villanova Wildcats are guilty of treason for disobeying the President. Barack Obama famously had the Wildcats in his Final Four -- something I'm not terribly sure I understand, but okay. It was decreed. Andy Katz was there, people. Villanova is in direct defiance of the Commander-in-Chief and justice should be dealt appropriately. 

So there you have it. The Gaels move on to play the winner of Baylor-Old Dominion -- a game later today which Old Dominion and Blaine Taylor's awesome moustache actually stand a strong chance to win as well. Either way, the path is looking interesting for the Gaels, who cruise into a Sweet Sixteen game that, at this point, is winnable for the party crashers. Can this talented cast of characters keep it rolling?

If God is a Gael, that's probably a big yes.
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Posted on: March 21, 2010 2:11 am

Australians Follow Ogre King to Victory

First off, it should be "illegitimate wins", not "lligitimate wins".
St. Mary's College has been around since 1863 (thats 147 years.... just in case you can't do math either).
A "Gael" is an Irish (Gaelic) Knight. The Gaels were know as the "Saints" until the Football team got big in the 1920s under Slip Madigan.Slip Madigan played under Knute Rockne @ Notre Dame. (


It's nice to see the Gaels get some respect (while pissing off arrogant idiots).

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 10:14 pm

Australians Follow Ogre King to Victory

Wow nova23 - one thing about the big east - they sure have poor losers!!  After all your slurs against women, SMC Gaels and their players, it's obvious you are a small, little person who has no one or nothing else in your life.  So sad....

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 5:28 pm

Are you for real

I love how all these people argue with a couple of illigitmate wins by west coast teams. How many teams made it last year from the easy coast. Maybe double that than the west. I think the south had more teams in than you guys. The west coast gets a couple of wins and you guys go nuts. That just so you have nothing to be happy for other than a couple of west coast wins finally. And by the way world series champs 2008, congrats west coast, you're going to the sweet sixteen or should i say shitty sixteen now that the west coast ruined it.

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 5:24 pm

Big East - Overrated?

After watching Georgetowns loss ... a near loss (initially) by V'Nova...followed by a 'Nova loss...I must say that either the Big East is overrated - or West Coast 'ball is underrated.

The two Pac Ten teams have made it to the second round. (including Cal's win over L'ville....hmmm....Big East?)....U-Dubs win....and St Maries and Gonzaga wins out of the WCC....

Makes you wonder - Big East - Really, REALLY?

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 5:21 pm

You know nothing wildog1959

Ok first off listen to me you obviously illiterate woman. The east coast still stands as the greatest basketball coast in the history of the sport. Just because some unskilled, all around unathletic team comes into this tournament and banks a three here and there doesn't change the fact that the east coast still dominates your unathletic west coast. Its the same with rap. Someone got cocky about Tupac and he didn't make any good songs, BIG is ten times better. This is the same with basketball you moron. So stop sucking up to St. Mary's and trying to act like you were a Gaels, what a stupid choice of team name, fan and go back to your computer to look up some more stats. You have made it clear to me that you don't have a life and you really want one by coming out with some BS like this. You proved you really have no knowledge of the game and March Madness itself. You don't deserve to comment on anything about a sport you underprivelaged little woman. St. Mary's is equivalent to gum on the bottom of my shoe. Lets talk about players. I do agree with you on one thing that Samhan is an ogre. Steindel is a mix between a praire dog and a rabitt while Delledova shoots like an invalid. Thats about all I have to say.

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 5:00 pm

Australians Follow Ogre King to Victory

After watching the "upset of St. Marys' over Villanova, My suspicion that  west coast Basketball is more competive not second rate to east coast basketball is playing out. As a fan I have have been mystified by this Idea that the west is not Competive on the national stage. The fact that the Pac 10 only had two bids is rediculous. St Marys has a tough time competing with Pac 10 teams yet Handled Villanova A completely overated #2 seed from the so called power conference Big east. The Big East Gets 8 bids based solely on the perception that there teams are tougher . Im telling you (ESPN, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED,ETC ) THE WEST plays basketball year in and year out as well as an region in the country. When Cal gives Duke everything it can handle tonight maybe the national sportswriters will finally figure out what the rest of us have known all year, The Big east is OVERATED and is not the benchmark the SELECTION COMMITEE should base there seeding on.
The Pac 10 Is a tough Conference with no slouches. Every Team is capable of beating the others. The homecourt advantage is truly an advantage. Unless You are a senior laden team you will not run the table on the road in this league.Washington and Cal are Prime Examples of this. Washington is one of the most talented yet youngest teams in the Conference and thus it took 1/2 the Pac 10 season for them to learn how to win on the road. Cal has more experience and it was able to win the title outright. Both teams are capable of making the sweet sixteen, something the Big east is struggling to do. Look What both teams did to there Big east counterparts. Enough said.

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