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Posted on: March 14, 2010 4:22 pm
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Duke attacks Dick Vitale, wins ACC

Drew Franklin

If we learned anything from Duke's 65-61 win over Georgia Tech today, it's that Kyle Singler will not tolerate anymore of Dick Vitale's ranting.  Singler dove into the broadcast table with the fury of a masked luchadore, taking out Dick Vitale and Dan Shulman in the process.  Luckily, everyone was ok after the play and Vitale's glass eye stayed in place.

As for the actual game, Duke looked to be cruising to victory but let an 11 point lead with six minutes left slip to just one.  The Blue Devils needed a three-pointer from Jon Scheyer with 18 seconds on the clock to fight off the late Georgia Tech run.  Scheyer finished with 16 points and Kyle Singler scored 20 to lead Duke to their league-record 18th tournament title.  Duke has now won nine of the past 12 ACC Tournaments.

Duke likely sealed the deal on a #1 spot in the NCAA Tournament with the win.
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Posted on: March 12, 2010 10:17 pm
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Friday night highlights


See, it's clever because there was this book...



Georgia Tech all but solidified its spot in the field of 65 by topping second-seeded Maryland, 69-64 in an ACC quarterfinal Friday night.

The Yellow Jackets led by 19 in the first half and 16 at the break, but a furious rally by the Terrapins in the opening minutes of the second-half left things nip-and-tuck from the ten-minute mark on. 

With Tech up 67-64 and under 15 seconds to play, ACC Player of the Year Grievis Vasquez pulled up for a potential game-tying three-pointer but had the ball stripped by Iman Shumpert. Vasquez then committed an intentional foul and Shumpert buried a pair of free-throws to seal the deal. 

Georgia Tech negated 26 turnovers by shooting a season-best 56% from the field. Shumpert led the Jackets with 14 points while freshman star Derrick Favors added 11 points and 11 rebounds. 


E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson combined for 50 of Purdue's 69 points as the Boilermakers overcame an early 11-point deficit and then held off a furious late Northwestern run to advance to Saturday's Big Ten semifinal against either Michigan State or Minnesota. 

Following the game, Purdue fans said they didn't care which team they faced tomorrow night, just as long as the entire nation is still aware that Robbie Hummel is out for the season. 


Georgetown and Marquette built upon a dazzling three days of Big East Tournament basketball by wowing the Garden crowd and a primetime ESPN audience with an 80-57 dud. 

Not for your fault, Hoyas. 

Georgetown, the No. 8 seed, advanced to the title game for the third time in four years. The storied program has brought the tournament title back to D.C. seven times. 

Greg Monroe continued his campaign for tournament MVP by scoring 23 points, grabbing 13 rebounds and handing out seven assists. Not that the Hoyas needed it all. Jason Clark and Chris Wright both scored 15 points and Austin Freeman added 12. 

Coming into the night, Marquette hadn't lost a game by more than nine all season. They fought to get it within five midway through the second half, but were outscored 24-6 from that point on. Jimmy "Jimmah" Butler led the Golden Eagles with 17 points. 

Georgetown awaits the winner of tonight's West Virginia/Notre Dame clash. 

SPOILER ALERT: They're going to lose to either one. 



Down two with the ball and under 40 seconds to play, Dayton point guard Rob Lowery signaled for, and was granted, a timeout. Should've been the end of the story, but if it was it probably wouldn't have been the lead sentence. Xavier's Terrell Holloway slapped the ball out of Lowery's hands, an action the Flyer floor general apparently deemed worthy of punishment by half-hearted right cross. 

Lowery received a technical, Holloway knocked down four straight free-throws and the Musketeers moved onto the A-10 semis. 

Not that it should have ever come down to that.

UD led 61-46 with ten and-a-half minutes to play before they went ice cold from the field and turned to an ultra-conservative style of play. Xavier promptly went on a 19-3 run to claim a lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Dayton will not dance (figuratively...and literally, I guess) in large part because of nine losses that were decided by five points or fewer. 


Jarvis Varnado blocked 52 shots and Florida may or may not have seen its bubble burst.

Only facts you need.

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Strong Winds in the ACC and Other Mid-Day Scores

If you want proof that NCAA's postseason play is entertainment second to none, this afternoon's games proved that. People across this great land were getting no work done this afternoon, and with good reason -- from an early scare for Kentucky in the SEC to giddy underdog teams making things happen, the path to Sunday is getting twistier than an a Hitchcock movie. Let's get to today's observations and scores, shall we?

The Illini likely got themselves a bid to the Dance this afternoon.  Wisconsin rolled into Champaign last Sunday and ruined Senior Day; Bruce Weber swore that next time they'd be more prepared. They absolutely were today, as Illinois bumped Wisconsin off the ACC table (58-54) . Illinois big man Mike Tisdale led the march with 21 points as the Badgers played catch-up most the game. Demetri McCamey, who dropped a whopping 27 points on Wisconsin earlier this year, followed suit with 13 points and 8 assists. While Wisconsin still is considered a lock to grab an NCAA Tourney bid, Illinois needed this. And they got it all wrapped up in a nice bundle of revenge, too. 

The Hurricanes are at least a category 4 . Let's be honest; Virginia Tech should have been playing Wake Forest in Greensboro today. Oh, wait. What? We have to play last-place Miami instead? That's even better. The Hokies probably expected a cakewalk -- and they clearly didn't learn anything from the lesson taught the Demon Deacons yesterday: that lesson being that Miami really wants this. The result? Miami drops Virginia Tech 70-65 . This game, on paper, is a blowout with Malcom Delaney wiping the floor with the 12-seeded 'Canes, but it didn't work that way today as Miami hung in there until the final seconds. Their magic may be up when they face #1 Duke tomorrow, but why should it be? After all, Miami's already showing us they're capable of surprising us. And isn't it nice to believe in magic sometimes? Especially against Duke?

Majerus' St. Louis got rolled by party-crasher Rhode Island . St. Louis, a contender to sneak into the Atlantic-10 championship, went head-to-head with Rhode Island's rams today and lost 63-47 . This was a game where both teams need a championship win to even be considered for an NCAA Tourney bid, but it was widely believed that St. Louis would make it a decent run and get in. That seems unlikely now as Jim Baron's boys pull a Miami and reach the stunning self-realization that they actually control their own destiny.

Also, the St. Louis Billiken is the weirdest mascot ever . Ever wondered what a Billiken is? According to a St. Louis newspaper, a billiken is a magical, good-luck creature who "represents things as they ought to be." That's like your moniker signifying "that feeling you get when you're driving to the beach and know you're close," or having your mascot represent "the strange but oddly nice feeling of using a Q-tip."

If billikens do exist, no one told the Miami Hurricanes or the Rhode Island Rams today, because by all accounts, and according to seed, things definitely aren't as they ought to be in the NCAA this afternoon. And that's what makes this time of year so great.

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Day 1 of the ACC Tourney is in the books...

Drew Franklin

They've shut off the lights in the Greensboro Coliseum as the first day of the 2010 ACC Tournament has come to a close.  Major General Nathaniel Greene would be very proud of the first round play if he were still alive today to see the action his North Carolina town is hosting.  

Let's take a look at Thursday's games where upsets were a common theme.  The lower seed won three of the four games and in the fourth, North Carolina fans just remained upset.  

(7) Georgia Tech 62, (10) North Carolina 58...  Tyler Hansbrough scored 26 points and Ty Lawson added 22 in the Tar Heels win over.... whoops.  Sorry, I'm still not used to North Carolina sucking.  Let's try this again...  Georgia Tech, led by Derrick Favors' 18 points and 9 rebounds, defeated North Carolina today in the ACC tournament's 7/10 matchup.  Favors made his first seven field goal attempts and had a critical block on a Tyler Zoeller layup attempt late in the game.  Georgia Tech advances to face Maryland while North Carolina returns to Chapel Hill to watch old home videos of the good ol' days.

(8) Virginia 68, (9) Boston College 62... Virginia won its first ACC tournament game since 2006 with the victory over Boston College.  Sammy Zeglinski scored 16 of his season high 21 points in the first half to lead Virginia in the win.  First year coach Tony Bennett advances to the second round where he'll sing a duet with Barbara Streisand if his Cavs upset the #1 Duke Blue Devils.

(12) Miami 83, (5) Wake Forest 62... Ya know what they say in March - fear the 12/5 upset.  That was the case today when Miami beat the living hell out of Wake Forest.  Redshirt freshman Reggie Johnson scored a career high 22 points in the rout against his hometown school.  The Demon Deacons never even got within 16 in the second half.

(11) N.C. State 59, (6) Clemson 57... NC State ended the day of upsets in the ACC with a two-point win over the Tigers of Clemson.  Clemson rallied late in the game after trailing by double-digits in the second half but came up short in the end.  NC State advances to play Florida State in the second round.

Friday, the big dogs take the court in the second round to face the victors from today's contests.  

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see the Plumlee Brothers and Greivis Vasquez' hair in action.  I can barely hold back the excitement
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Bizarro Day in the Big East Continues



Luke Harangody and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish celebrate bouncing the Seton Hall Pirates.

Upset Thursday continued in the Big East as No. 7 Notre Dame eliminated second-seeded Pittsburgh, 50-45. Tory Jackson hit 4-of-6 threes to score 12 points and Luke Harangody came off the bench to add 12 more as the Fighting Irish won back-to-back games in the Big East Tournament for the first time in program history. 

The loss dropped teams which had earned double-byes into the quarterfinals to 0-3, with only third-seeded West Virginia left to take the court. 

After advancing to the championship game in four straight seasons, the loss marked the second straight one-and-done tournament for the Panthers, who were also the No. 2 seed in 2009. 

Notre Dame's newfound commitment to defense was on full display again, as they held Pitt to their lowest point total of the season. The Irish have now held five of their past six opponents to 54 points or fewer. They've won all six games over that span and leapt from NIT-bound to single-digit NCAA Tournament seed. 


Georgia Tech went ahead and put the bullet in the head of the gravely injured animal that was North Carolina's 2009-2010 season, knocking the Tar Heels out of the ACC Tournament by a final score of 62-58.

The Yellow Jackets, playing with their season on the line, trailed by ten at the break but a monster second half by star freshman Derrick Favors helped keep them (most likely) in the dance for the time being. Favors finished with a game-high 18 points. 

BIG 12

Kansas State began its three-day case for a one seed by completely humiliating Oklahoma State, 83-64 in a game they led by as many as 33. Jamar Samuels scored 21 of his career-high 27 points in the first half.

The Cowboys are still almost certainly in the field of 65, but the loss - which came just a day after an impressive rout of rival Oklahoma - may have knocked them down a seeding row or two. 


Elsewhere, Minnesota beat Penn State by 21 in a game I thank every possible religious deity that I wasn't forced to watch, and Florida at least momentarily speared itself from the knowledge of having a stressful Sunday on the horizon by knocking off Auburn, 76-55. 

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Some Thoughts on the Day So Far


8:00 PM

We are a little over halfway through the busiest day of the college basketball season.  The action has been crazy all over the place and the March field has been shaken up a bit.  Here is where we are:

1.  Big East Wackiness

Two games in New York and two very surprising results.  The Syracuse loss to Georgetown may or may not be important longterm but the statistic that no team has won a national championship after losing in the first round of their conference tournament has to be at least a bit troubling.  Luckily for the 'Cuse, the news on Onauku early is positive and it looks as if the injury might not have been as bad as early feared.  What is bad is the Orange's ability to guard anyone...after Louisville shredded the zone defense in the last regular season game, Georgetown did the same in the first in the postseason.  They look to potentially have the mantle of weakest of the #1 seeds as of this moment.

2.  Bubble Teams Dont Come Through

Three teams came into winnable games on Thursday afternoon with a chance to come close to securing an NCAA berth.  All three choked.  Two of the worst offenders were in Conference USA where Memphis and UAB both went down.  For the Tigers, there is proof that Calipari is not walking through that door, as they fell to a weak Houston team in Tulsa.  Memphis would have potentially locked up a berth wiith just one win, now they will sweat all the way through Selection Sunday.  UAB then could have taken advantage of the Tigers' fall with a victory over Southern Miss, but instead got blown out, scoring only 44 points along the way.  Mike Davis will be seeking NIT validation for yet another season.  And Paul "I cant coach my way out of a paper bag, even if Jamie Dixon were in it with me" Hewitt, saw his Rambling Wreck of a team fall to the weakest group in the ACC, the Sylvan Landesburg-less UVA Cavaliers.  I would leave all three of these teams out just on prinicple.

3.  Kansas Continues to Survive

If the mark of a great team is winning close games at the end, Kansas is trying to reach that plateau one sweaty palmed victory at a time.  This time the victim was Texas Tech, but in recent weeks nearly every team in the Big 12 could have been inserted in their place.  The Jayhawks are experienced and it shows at the end of games, but they are prone to playing way below their level and one cant help but wonder if it will catch up on a Sweet 16 Thursday or Friday night in the Big Dance.

All six major conferences are in action tonight....stay tuned.

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The Afternoon Scoreboard


All it takes is two weeks of following every conference tournament to realize that there there are so many conferences and D1 teams in this country that it could drive a person crazy trying to touch them all.  This afternoon's rounds saw games from the Mountain West, the Big East, the Big 12, the SEC, the ACC, the MAC, the Pac-10 and several others. That's a full plate, America, so let's dive right in, shall we?

Marquette 80, Villanova 76: Yesterday, we reported that "cartoon thug" Buzz Williams said that close games are "all they know." Guess that knowledge came in handy as traditionally marginal producer Darius Johnson-Odom stepped seemingly from nowhere as the rocketsauce the Golden Eagles needed to bust down the #10 (and no slouch) Villanova. I kept waiting for this one to go into overtime, and Marquette just kept denying that there would be any overtime for them today. So far, you really have to like this Marquette team. They're manufacturing wins any way they can, and they probably have a good shot against #5 Georgetown tomorrow. The Golden Eagles look to have the steam to off some giants if the invisible laser beams shooting out of Buzz Williams' giant, magical head can continue to empower these guys. 

Utah State 84, Boise State 60: The first game of the WAC Tourney was a bit of a snoozer (you'd think Boise State would want this thing more, because if they lose they have to go back to Boise) at a 24-point deficit, but you can't take anything away from the Aggies' Tai Wesley's 18 points and 10 rebounds. In case you're wondering, Boise's bench player Zack Moritz only saw two minutes, because he was busy distracting Mr. Belding from the secret party the team was arranging in the school library. 

New Mexico 75, Air Force 69: The Mountain West Tourney was in full swing today in Sin City as my new favorite-named player Darington Hobson (that's Lord Darington Hobson to you) walks away with 28 points and a stellar 15 rebounds. 

Michigan 59, Iowa 52: It's no secret that the Wolverines need to win the Big Ten Tourney to get onto the mainstage, but beating a similarly limping Iowa isn't the way to do it. Michigan's Manny Harris turned in 22 points and 9 rebounds to lead his crew to a victory, even though Iowa's Cully Payne was doing his thang with 25 points. They'll step forward to play the 1-seeded Buckeyes tomorrow.

Miami 83, Wake Forest 62: The Canes exorcise the Demon Deacons in the ACC Tournament, which is bittersweet for the Canes -- on one hand, they advance and get to play Virginia Tech tomorrow. On the other hand, they're probably going to miss a really good boat party on Friday night. Nevertheless, Miami was propelled into the second round by freshman Reggie Johnson with 22 points. A second half where the Deacons couldn't even get within sixteen points of the Canes means that it was a very, very smart move not to nationally televise this game. 

More's on the way as scores are ticking in constantly. Stay tuned.
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ACC Tournament Begins Tomorrow

Drew Franklin
You down wit' A.C.C.?

Yeah, you know me!

You down wit' A.C.C.?

Yeah, you know me!

Who's down wit' A.C.C.?

Every last homie!

It's tournament time in the Atlantic Coast Conference and everyone not wearing Tar Heel blue is pumped for some premier postseason basketball.

With Duke and Maryland leading the way, and a group of bubble teams competing right behind them, it's going to be a battle for NCAA tournament seeding and, more importantly, the ACC Championship.


Major General Nathaniel Greene had one thing in mind when he commanded American forces at the Battle of Guilford Court House on March 15, 1781.  He wanted a North Carolina city named after him to host the 2010 ACC Basketball Tournament.  Well, some 200 years later, Greene's dream has been fulfilled.

The 2010 Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Tournament begins tomorrow at Greensboro Coliseum Complex.  Sadly, Nathaniel Greene will not be in attendance due to his death in 1786, but he'll proudly hoist his foam finger and smile down on this jam-packed weekend of March Madness.

The Studs

Duke 26-5 (13-3) - The Duke Blue Devils are the odds-on-favorite to win the 2010 ACC Tournament.  With the tournament being held just down the road in North Carolina, how could they not be?  The one-seeded Blue Devils have three studs in Jon Scheyer, Kyle Singler, and Nolan Smith and their play should be enough to go the distance, despite lacking a dominant post presence.  And by lack of post presence, I mean Brian Zoubek is clumsy and awkward.  

Maryland 23-7 (13-3) - The #2 ranked Terrapins earned a share of the regular season title with a 79-72 win over Duke on March 3rd.  Maryland was somewhat of a surprise this season but have proven they're for real by winning seven games in a row to finish the season.  With the ACC Player of the Year in Senior Greivis Vasquez and ACC Coach of the Year Gary Williams, Maryland is capable of stealing the ACC tourney from Duke and making a run in the NCAA.  You better believe Gary Williams will be frowning the whole way, too.

The Duds

North Carolina 16-15 (5-11) - Oh how the mighty have fallen.  No one expected the Tar Heels to repeat as National Champs this year but no one expected them to finish towards the bottom of the ACC, either.  Their only hope of making the Big Dance for a seventh straight year is to win the ACC and I don't like their chances.  Tyler Hansbrough and his Texas-style ping-pong paddles aren't walking through that door.  Pack your favorite NIT necktie, Roy.

Georgia Tech 19-11 (7-9) - I call the Yellow Jackets a dud because so much was expect of them. With the return of Gani Lawal and the debut freshman phenom Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech was expected to contend for the ACC crown.  Unlike North Carolina, they're postseason hopes are still alive but they'll need a decent run in the ACC tourney to get off the bubble and into the dance.  No one has more at stake than Georgia Tech this week.  Well, except maybe 

Players To Watch

Jon Scheyer, Duke -
The Blue Devils' Senior guard is averaging 19 points per game with an impressive 3.0 assist/turnover ratio this season.  Scheyer can get hot early and when he draws the double team, Duke is nearly impossible to defend.  No matter what happens this postseason, Scheyer has already earned his spot as one of the all-time great, white, floor-slapping Duke guards.

Greivis Vasquez, Maryland - The ACC Player of the Year is averaging 19.6 points while applying a NCAA-best 2.5 liters of hair gel per game.  He can score from anywhere on the court and will tell you about if you're sitting anywhere in the lower arena.

Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech - Delaney is averaging 21 points per game along with 6 assists for the Hokies.  He has shown that he can perform in any situation, including a double overtime game while fighting back the urge to drop a deuce.

Thursday's Games

#8 Boston College vs. #9 Virginia - 12:00pm

#5 Wake Forest vs. #12 Miami -  2:00pm

#7 Georgia Tech vs. # 10 North Carolina -  7:00pm (ESPN 2)

#6 NC State vs. # 11 N.C. State - 9:00pm
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