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Posted on: March 11, 2010 9:47 pm
Edited on: March 11, 2010 9:48 pm

Bizarro Day in the Big East Continues



Luke Harangody and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish celebrate bouncing the Seton Hall Pirates.

Upset Thursday continued in the Big East as No. 7 Notre Dame eliminated second-seeded Pittsburgh, 50-45. Tory Jackson hit 4-of-6 threes to score 12 points and Luke Harangody came off the bench to add 12 more as the Fighting Irish won back-to-back games in the Big East Tournament for the first time in program history. 

The loss dropped teams which had earned double-byes into the quarterfinals to 0-3, with only third-seeded West Virginia left to take the court. 

After advancing to the championship game in four straight seasons, the loss marked the second straight one-and-done tournament for the Panthers, who were also the No. 2 seed in 2009. 

Notre Dame's newfound commitment to defense was on full display again, as they held Pitt to their lowest point total of the season. The Irish have now held five of their past six opponents to 54 points or fewer. They've won all six games over that span and leapt from NIT-bound to single-digit NCAA Tournament seed. 


Georgia Tech went ahead and put the bullet in the head of the gravely injured animal that was North Carolina's 2009-2010 season, knocking the Tar Heels out of the ACC Tournament by a final score of 62-58.

The Yellow Jackets, playing with their season on the line, trailed by ten at the break but a monster second half by star freshman Derrick Favors helped keep them (most likely) in the dance for the time being. Favors finished with a game-high 18 points. 

BIG 12

Kansas State began its three-day case for a one seed by completely humiliating Oklahoma State, 83-64 in a game they led by as many as 33. Jamar Samuels scored 21 of his career-high 27 points in the first half.

The Cowboys are still almost certainly in the field of 65, but the loss - which came just a day after an impressive rout of rival Oklahoma - may have knocked them down a seeding row or two. 


Elsewhere, Minnesota beat Penn State by 21 in a game I thank every possible religious deity that I wasn't forced to watch, and Florida at least momentarily speared itself from the knowledge of having a stressful Sunday on the horizon by knocking off Auburn, 76-55. 

Posted on: March 11, 2010 7:57 pm

Some Thoughts on the Day So Far


8:00 PM

We are a little over halfway through the busiest day of the college basketball season.  The action has been crazy all over the place and the March field has been shaken up a bit.  Here is where we are:

1.  Big East Wackiness

Two games in New York and two very surprising results.  The Syracuse loss to Georgetown may or may not be important longterm but the statistic that no team has won a national championship after losing in the first round of their conference tournament has to be at least a bit troubling.  Luckily for the 'Cuse, the news on Onauku early is positive and it looks as if the injury might not have been as bad as early feared.  What is bad is the Orange's ability to guard anyone...after Louisville shredded the zone defense in the last regular season game, Georgetown did the same in the first in the postseason.  They look to potentially have the mantle of weakest of the #1 seeds as of this moment.

2.  Bubble Teams Dont Come Through

Three teams came into winnable games on Thursday afternoon with a chance to come close to securing an NCAA berth.  All three choked.  Two of the worst offenders were in Conference USA where Memphis and UAB both went down.  For the Tigers, there is proof that Calipari is not walking through that door, as they fell to a weak Houston team in Tulsa.  Memphis would have potentially locked up a berth wiith just one win, now they will sweat all the way through Selection Sunday.  UAB then could have taken advantage of the Tigers' fall with a victory over Southern Miss, but instead got blown out, scoring only 44 points along the way.  Mike Davis will be seeking NIT validation for yet another season.  And Paul "I cant coach my way out of a paper bag, even if Jamie Dixon were in it with me" Hewitt, saw his Rambling Wreck of a team fall to the weakest group in the ACC, the Sylvan Landesburg-less UVA Cavaliers.  I would leave all three of these teams out just on prinicple.

3.  Kansas Continues to Survive

If the mark of a great team is winning close games at the end, Kansas is trying to reach that plateau one sweaty palmed victory at a time.  This time the victim was Texas Tech, but in recent weeks nearly every team in the Big 12 could have been inserted in their place.  The Jayhawks are experienced and it shows at the end of games, but they are prone to playing way below their level and one cant help but wonder if it will catch up on a Sweet 16 Thursday or Friday night in the Big Dance.

All six major conferences are in action tonight....stay tuned.

Posted on: March 11, 2010 12:54 pm

What to Watch For in the Early Games


12:30 PM

Today is one of the best days of the year for college basketball...all the major conferences have begun and action will come fast and furious from every direction.  I am here live in Nashville for the SEC Tournament, but we have people following all the leagues to give you the action as it happens.  Sort of like a Netflix for basketball, but you dont have to fight with your wife when she wants to put that awful Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock movie at the top of your list.  Here is what to watch for in the early games:

Will Kansas stay on track for the #1 Overall Seed?

The Jayhawks open up Big 12 Tournament play with a battle against Texas Tech, who barely broke a sweat yesterday in dispatching Colorado back to Boulder for what should be an offseason of irrelevance.  Cole Aldrich and company told me on my visit to Lawrence that the conference tournament was important to them and Sherron Collins said, "we want to cut down every net that we can."  That process starts today as they try to avoid a loss that could have a major seeding regional location effect.

Georgetown and Syracuse Renew a Rivalry

If you watched basketball in the mid 1980s, you know that (a) your hair is going grey and (b) Georgetown and Syracuse hated each other.  With the elder John Thompson and Jim Boeheim roaming the sidelines, there was no more exciting game than the battle of the DC and Upstate New York powers.  The Thompson quit, a guy with a moustache took over and things quit being fun.  But Mr. Moustache has left and the youngest Thompson is back to make it heated again.  Madison Square Garden will be rocking today as the Orange and Hoyas renew acquaintances once again.  Watch this game if you do nothing else.

Also you have the ACC UVA vs Boston College "battle" (more like tickle fight) and the SEC kicks off with South Carolina and Alabama played before my very eyes.  I will try not to sneak into the back to watch the 'Cuse and the Hoyas, but I cant promise anything.  Darrin Horn's hair can only entertain me for so long.
Posted on: March 10, 2010 9:21 pm

'Gody returns and breaks hearts


Seton Hall became the second Big East team to see its bubble popped today (literally...Gonzalez was so pissed...threw his skip-it) as the Pirates were handled by Notre Dame, 68-56, in a game that all but crushed their hopes of gaining an at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament. A night after scoring 109 points in a victory over Providence, the Hall was held to just a point more than half that total.

Seton Hall Jeff Robinson Big East Tournament Notre Dame

The other big story of the night was the return of Fighting Irish superstar Luke Harangody, who had missed Notre Dame's last five games with a bone bruise. 'Gody quickly silenced those who had claimed his team is better without him on the floor - the Irish won 4 of 5 games without him - by coming off the bench four minutes into the game and recording 15 points and nine rebounds...at halftime. He finished with 20 points and 10 boards to lead all players in both categories. 

Notre Dame moves on to face second-seeded Pitt tomorrow night at 7 p.m. 

Over in the Big 12, Oklahoma gave credence to the belief that they had already shut it down for the 2009-2010 season by showing up in body only to be throttled by rival and No. 7 seed Oklahoma State, 81-67. OSU's Keiton Page hit 5-of-8 threes and led all scorers with 24 points. 

The Cowboys get No. 2 Kansas State next. 

In the only other game of semi-importance(?), Tulsa knocked off Rice 73-62 in a C-USA quarterfinal. The tournament might not be off to a rousing start, but I hear cocky freshman Darius Washington misses 2-of-3 free-throws with zero seconds on the clock and his team down two in the championship game. So that'll probably be worth tuning into. 


Posted on: March 10, 2010 5:26 pm
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Corn, Tigers Husked in Big 12 Tourney


The Big 12 Tournament (or, as I like to call it, "The Cowboy Tournament") sees Missou riding off into the sunset after a besting by Nebraska. Guard Ryan Anderson led the charge for a 75-60 Huskers victory over the Tigers with sixteen points and nine rebounds, which means Doc Sadler's (note: not a licensed doctor) boys will progress to take on Texas A&M tomorrow in Kansas City (note: not in Kansas). The chips will be stacked against the boys in red as they take on the Aggies -- and we all know that there's only one time of the year when the student body of Texas A&M stops looking inside cow rectums and starts lovin' basketball, and that's when March tourney play begins. They take it seriously, and as a four-seed may have the Huskers' number tomorrow. You're just going to have to not-sleep and obsess endlessly about this matchup until tomorrow, America.

Elsewhere in the last hour, the MEAC wrapped up a first round game in Coppin St vs. Maryland Eastern Shore, proving 64-58 that Shorebirds are scrappier than Eages (not in real life - so calm down, bird scientists!). However, in typical MEAC fashion, it's a half hour after the game and still no box scores are available, so it's entirely possible that while no one watched this game on television, no one watched it in person either. You know as much as I do about this game, America. Apparently, unless you played in this game, you don't know anything about it.
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