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Northwestern, Michigan advance in Big Ten


A 46-point second half rockets Northwestern past Indiana, 73-58 in opening round action in the Big Ten Tournament. The Hoosiers, bless their hearts, led by three at the half before Northwestern's "we're about to lose our second game in a row to Indiana" light kicked on and and they never looked back. 

This is the first 20 win season in the history of Northwestern hoops, who've never danced the almighty NCAA Tourney tango, despite a treasured history defined by a 1931 Helms Title in the throws of the Dust Bowl. 

The Wildcats get a piece of second-seeded Purdue tomorrow night at 6:30, a team they defeated on their home floor back in January. The pre-Hummel-excuse era, if you will. Could be a classic. 

Earlier in the afternoon, Michigan begrudgingly held off a lifeless Iowa, 59-52.  The Wolverines benefited from 15 free-throws to the Hawks' 3 and will now meet the top seed and chief rival, Ohio State, meaning I can now post this: 

Penn State v. Minnesota is the night capper in Indy, with the Gophers on the tournament morphine drip. 

Complete Big Ten bracket 
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The Afternoon Scoreboard


All it takes is two weeks of following every conference tournament to realize that there there are so many conferences and D1 teams in this country that it could drive a person crazy trying to touch them all.  This afternoon's rounds saw games from the Mountain West, the Big East, the Big 12, the SEC, the ACC, the MAC, the Pac-10 and several others. That's a full plate, America, so let's dive right in, shall we?

Marquette 80, Villanova 76: Yesterday, we reported that "cartoon thug" Buzz Williams said that close games are "all they know." Guess that knowledge came in handy as traditionally marginal producer Darius Johnson-Odom stepped seemingly from nowhere as the rocketsauce the Golden Eagles needed to bust down the #10 (and no slouch) Villanova. I kept waiting for this one to go into overtime, and Marquette just kept denying that there would be any overtime for them today. So far, you really have to like this Marquette team. They're manufacturing wins any way they can, and they probably have a good shot against #5 Georgetown tomorrow. The Golden Eagles look to have the steam to off some giants if the invisible laser beams shooting out of Buzz Williams' giant, magical head can continue to empower these guys. 

Utah State 84, Boise State 60: The first game of the WAC Tourney was a bit of a snoozer (you'd think Boise State would want this thing more, because if they lose they have to go back to Boise) at a 24-point deficit, but you can't take anything away from the Aggies' Tai Wesley's 18 points and 10 rebounds. In case you're wondering, Boise's bench player Zack Moritz only saw two minutes, because he was busy distracting Mr. Belding from the secret party the team was arranging in the school library. 

New Mexico 75, Air Force 69: The Mountain West Tourney was in full swing today in Sin City as my new favorite-named player Darington Hobson (that's Lord Darington Hobson to you) walks away with 28 points and a stellar 15 rebounds. 

Michigan 59, Iowa 52: It's no secret that the Wolverines need to win the Big Ten Tourney to get onto the mainstage, but beating a similarly limping Iowa isn't the way to do it. Michigan's Manny Harris turned in 22 points and 9 rebounds to lead his crew to a victory, even though Iowa's Cully Payne was doing his thang with 25 points. They'll step forward to play the 1-seeded Buckeyes tomorrow.

Miami 83, Wake Forest 62: The Canes exorcise the Demon Deacons in the ACC Tournament, which is bittersweet for the Canes -- on one hand, they advance and get to play Virginia Tech tomorrow. On the other hand, they're probably going to miss a really good boat party on Friday night. Nevertheless, Miami was propelled into the second round by freshman Reggie Johnson with 22 points. A second half where the Deacons couldn't even get within sixteen points of the Canes means that it was a very, very smart move not to nationally televise this game. 

More's on the way as scores are ticking in constantly. Stay tuned.
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Road Trip Takes Its First Detour


2:30 AM

This was the scene as we left Cedar Falls, Iowa at 9 pm Central for what was to be a 7 hour drive through the night to Indianapolis for an 11 am Eastern tip for Siena-Butler.  We took off down the road and assumed we were in for a long night of driving and being careful on the road.  What we ended up with were the worst road conditions I have ever seen and a stretch of road from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids Iowa in which we were told (after we had navigated the 45 miles), "police are advising motorists to not even consider going on that road tonight."  We wish we had know that prior to the scariest 75 minutes of driving of my life.  After pulling off at the end of a 45 mile ride from hell, we decided we had been defeated and the dream of making Siena-Butler at a time before Drew would normally even be awake, was shattered.

We then stopped in Cedar Rapids at a Days Inn, and an old lady at the front desk asked what we were doing.  I said, "well its snowing hard and we dont want to be on these roads anymore."  As Drew and Tomlin began making jokes about driving from Cedar Falls to Cedar Rapids on roads that are slicker than Jamie Dixon's hair, the lady began to get angry.  She then replied with total disdain, "oh do you think you are better than Iowa?"  Hopefully Jeff Foxworthy will take that premise for a new gameshow on Fox.

So we have decided to do a detour...now instead of Siena-Butler, we are going to try and make the 2 pm Eastern tip of Louisville-Depaul.  The CBS College Basketball Road Trip rolls on with a car full of travelers who are better than Iowa.

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Day 2: Iowa Bound

By: Drew Franklin

4:09 PM

iowa is gorgeous After a long night of sampling Milwaukee’s cash crop and getting ‘served’ in spontaneous dance-offs, we’re back on the road with our eyes, hearts, and keyboards set on the Fighting Corn Panthers of Northern Iowa.

Tonight’s contest against Old Dominion is UNI’s only nationally televised game this season and, more importantly, the second stop on the greatest road trip to hit Highway 151 since the car in front of us.  We’re expecting great fundamental basketball, a crazy atmosphere, and delicious mouthwatering popcorn.

Our only concern at this point is actually getting to Cedar Falls.  As the Garmin GPS rests in the glove box (per Matt’s ancient ways), Tomlin is staring cross-eyed at the Rand McNally road atlas, which he calls the Magic Book of Mystery.   Hopefully, we’ll make it by game time. But, if not, the atlas’ Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club directory will lead us to something exciting and we'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Check in with us later once (or if) we make it to the McLeod Center and join us for a live game blog tonight at 6:00pm Iowa-time so you ‘n I can talk U.N.I.

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